1. Will YOU be the DJ at our wedding?— ABSOLUTELY !   This is a very good question and most people don’t even think about this when calling around looking for a DJ . In today’s era there are a lot of Multi Operational DJ companies or Multi Ops as they are known by. These DJ businesses  are owned by a DJ usually who has been trained to be a marketer and salesman. They hire young inexperienced and unqualified people with very little to no talent. They pay them low wages and focus more on quantity rather than quality. Its normal for them to book many events on the same exact night which means they aren’t giving YOUR event 100% of their attention and also normal for you not knowing who will be your DJ for your special event until the night of your event. Be VERY cautious when dealing with DJ companies like this. On the other hand when you call and speak with me you get ME!..From the fist phone call to all the in person meetings to the night of the event, I’ll be with you all the way through..

2. Does the DJ arrive by himself ? — Usually the DJ will have an assistant helping out with setup and breakdown. Also the assistant might help with announcements, requests from your guests or any other number of things needed that evening.

3. How do I cancel my event?Cancellations must be in writing, you can email us a cancellation letter stating you will no longer need our services on your specific date. We will email you back and or call you just to confirm your cancellation. Any deposit OR money towards the balance you have put down on your event will not be refunded.

4. When is the balance due ?–Balance is due no less than 2 weeks before event date unless otherwise stated. There are some exceptions with certain School and Company events.

5. What sets you apart from other DJ companies?— Most of the other DJ companies here in the Fresno area do this as a hobby. Usually the owners of those DJ companies have their “real job” during the week and just dj on the side for extra money. They are not committed to your event 100% and will usually not go above and beyond to make your day special. Also they will not be easily available for meetings / consultations and or any questions you might have if you decided to call them directly on the phone. We are very proud to say that we are a full time licensed and insured business that has no other obligations that might get in the way of your special event.

6. What type of equipment do you use– All of our equipment is professional grade audio gear. We invested quite a bit of money in our sound systems and light show and you can truly tell the difference between our system and the other cheaper dj sound systems out there .

7. What is the overtime rate ?–Overtime rate is $200 per hour and must be paid before overtime starts (unless otherwise stated). We accept Cash Credit Cards and Company Checks, sorry no personal checks . We will amend our original contract and add additional hours at $200 per hour at your event. You will sign and date the contract and we’ll be all set.

8. Do you offer lighting for the dance floor? Yes all packages include basic lighting so when it’s time to turn the house lights down we can turn our dance lights on ! It really adds to the atmosphere and mood and gets people ready to party.

9. Do you offer a cordless microphone?– Yes we do have a cordless microphone. So when it’s time for any special announcements from your best man, boss, co-worker or any guest in attendance they can make that announcement from anywhere in the room. Also we can provide a Lapel microphone for the officiant at your wedding ceremony if needed.

10. The date of the event changes to a different day after signing contracts–If you have already signed a contract and put down a deposit with us for a certain date and then the date needs to be changed. We will be more than happy to change the date if we have that specific new date available. If not you will have to choose another date that we are available to move your event to. You will have up to 1 year to choose a new date.

11. Do you charge for setup or breakdown? — Absolutely not, just one price covers everything from  start to finish. We will usually arrive at your event about 2 hours before we start, setup and do sound check and have everything ready to go by the time your guests arrive.